This work is a strong defense of universal democracy and all that this entails such as human rights, freedoms and values to make the Earth a better place for the 7,700 million inhabitants, both in all countries and in international structures.

Like the invisible hand of the economy regulates the market, Carlos Malo de Molina develops his theory of the existence of an invisible hand of soclo-politics that generates the establishment of the principles that embrace society in a kind of market of ideas in the that logic leads to the majority and strongly rooted ideas in society being concretized in laws, norms and the foundation of our true scale of values and what could be defined as public morals based on freedom, equality and solidarity.

A staunch defender of liberalism, the welfare state, participatory democracy in all social and political structures in all countries and international structures. The author raises in this book the problems that world society faces in the absence of absolute democracy and democratic and representative world bodies that care for the Earth and its inhabitants. Claims the need for institutions that monitor the excesses of the rulers who abuse power, institutions that govern the environment, the oceans, the universality of knowledge, that function effectively and urgently in the face of pandemics or natural disasters, beyond country borders.

The COVID-19 pandemic has left us lessons that governments around the world and international organizations such as the UN, and WHO itself, must learn and take note of mistakes and lack of foresight at all levels to act in a manner disinterested and with a single purpose, to protect Humanity and the Planet above all.

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