SUZY: Much more than a fantasy.

Suzy is a provocative and fun read that challenges sexual perspectives. Through its characters it encourages sexual liberation, in particular of its female characters. It explores various cultures and details human experiences that are possible and which stimulate the imagination to enter a world of love, sex , friendship and joy!

Through this book the author describes the sexuality of woman and man in total equality and freedom. Within the erotic game, everything is possible, no one is dominant and it is done for the greatest physical and spiritual satisfaction of all the participants.

It is a book that enters fully into the realm of fantasies. Most of what happens is a continuous part of the imagination of women and men, their sexual activity within or outside of a couple. The notions of the sexual dynamics of humans whether they are practiced or not practice they flood our imagination, our readings, movies, series, journalistic information; in our environment there is an abundance a free and rewarding sexuality.

To fully understand, enjoy and be part of this fantasy, it is imperative to free ourselves of the preconceived notions linked to social standards, understand the erotic game and the satisfaction of the participants, only then the reader will appreciate, understand and value this fantasy.

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